astrology to

discover you

coaching to

guide you

What is Astral Coaching?

A personal development method that combines astrology to map the personality, with life coaching to generate changes adapted to life and personal needs.
On the astral map we can see our challenges and potentials with great clarity.

Through coaching we generate learning spaces to obtain greater well-being, improve our relationships, seize opportunities or adapt to unexpected situations, in difficult moments.

I will go hand in hand with you to discover your potential through the stars and to work on your beliefs through Coaching.

These are my services…

Natal Letter

Talks about potentials and talents as well as challenges.
Would you like to know what heaven put at your disposal the day you were born and you still haven’t found out?


Are you ready to build the reality you want?
Are you determined to know your possibilities?
Are you ready to start overcoming your limitations?

She explains everything

Hello everyone, I wanted to leave a brief comment. I loved the session with Virginia, she explains everything and is very clear and concise with her feedback. I recommend it a thousand times.

Jennifer Arista

A great experience!

A very rich self-knowledge process. Her guide was key. We were able to bring up several thoughtful issues and start working on them.

Lula Britos

Warmth, sensitivity and professionalism

I had the opportunity to meet Virginia in two readings that she did for me and another three that I hired for other people. I must say that she has a warmth, sensitivity and professionalism that when you find it, it is like a treasure! I am very grateful for every word spoken lovingly, without a doubt, it has reached me, has helped me and has motivated me. Infinite thanks Virginia, I hope we continue to meet.

Flor Carbone

The service that Virginia provides is extremely high level coaching!

She provides depth, precision, empathy, professionalism and most importantly, true love for what she does, only love for the process of the other, allows us to find the words and listen that inspire us to create our own change and life path. Thanks Virginia !!! A teacher!

Verónica Ardanaz

Beautiful Experience with Virginia.

I would not only highlight her professionalism, but also the clarity to transmit the knowledge and the human warmth to accompany me in this personal process.
With great listening an enriching exchange is created, where the personal history of each one makes sense with the transmitted content.
Personally, I encourage myself to accept and let important parts of my being flow.

Luz Córdoba