My name is Virginia Gambetta

A great question maker, as a good Gemini, I can never leave things as they are. Starting with the classic, why me? To the more integrated, what for? What is there to learn from this experience?
I totally believe that we are the architects of how we stand before life, and that the answers are always inside. And as it is inside, it is outside.
This one way path began about a decade ago, going through the Guru of India, women’s circles, yoga, and many things that I’ve experienced, until I found Astrology. This wonderful symbolic language, which I have been studying passionately for years, is like putting a magnifying glass on your inner system, the most complete and accurate energetic diagnostic tool I have ever experienced.

And now What I do?. I felt like I was falling short. That’s where Life Coaching comes in. I’m a Newfield Network institute graduate with credentials from the International Coaching Federation, which gave me the twist I needed to enhance my astrological readings.
How do I want to look at myself? What actions and habits do I need to incorporate? What do I want to do with what I am? So we do a complete job. Past, present and future aligned with the Being. I can help you find the path to build yourself.


I invite you to read the posts that I often write and like to share